Why do you travel?

We provide comprehensive travel medicine and immunization services.

  • Pleasure & Adventure
  • Relief work
  • Missionary
  • Business
  • Study abroad
  • Post Transplant
  • Routine Immunization
  • International Adoptions

 What to expect when you come to the clinic?

Whether you need vaccinations for school trip or any other reason, Jennifer’s Travel Clinic strives to provide you with the upmost comprehensive and enjoyable service.

  • Full immunization service
  • Up-to-date and personalized information about your itinerary and current health and safety precautions.
  • Travel Insurance Information
  • Current US State Department warnings for your destination
  • Travel related medications (including malaria prevention, treatment of traveler’s diarrhea, altitude sickness, etc.)
  • Advice on avoiding travel-related diseases
  • An International Certificate of Vaccination will be provided for the vaccinations (s) you receive
  • A follow-up letter to your primary care physician detailing the immunizations and medications provided

Jennifer’s Travel Clinic, provides comprehensive services for:

  • Last Minute Travel
  • Adults and children
  • Private group session
  • Blood test screening for vaccine immunity