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She Does the Work for YOU!

I am traveling to Burma and Taiwan and asked my doc about vaccinations for the trip. He suggested I call Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Lee who does business as Jennifer’s Travel Clinic. Easy to make an appointment. Easy to get to from town or Freeway. Parking is in the garage by Kuakini Emergency Room entrance, and clinic building opening is connected to parking. Jennifer was wonderful. She asked questions about where I was staying and what I was doing in order to better assess what vaccinations I may need. And, she gave me recommendations for medicine and other items to take and told me exactly which stores in Honolulu I could get the items. She gave me a folder to keep information in and a small vaccination booklet to take w my passport just in case..and for my own records. I was very impressed with her attention to detail and said I could call her at any time if I had any questions. I ended up getting a polio booster, a tetanus shot, and an Rx for oral typhoid vaccine. I like the idea of going to one person who is current on the CDC recommendations and can suggest which ones are advisable. It’s too hard to figure it out yourself and everyone is making suggestions, so I prefer going to one professional who makes it their business to know. Plus, she was extremely nice and her prices were reasonable!!


Adrienne King

Wonderful Experience

We had a wonderful experience with Jennifer’s Travel Clinic. We are leaving for a trip to Africa in only 2 weeks and are uninsured. She met with us the next day after contacting her, gave us a thorough run down of useful info, and even helped us up come up with a quick and affordable vaccination schedule. So appreciative!

Erin Emmerich

Go to Person

I saw Jennifer before I traveled to Sumatra Indonesia. She was very thorough and explained clearly the preparations and medications I needed for travel there. My son and I went surfing in Sumatra and returned disease free thanks to Jennifer Lee. I really liked her friendly manner and her willingness to thoroughly explain each preparation needed. She even provided me a written list of preparations and other pertinent information about diseases of my travel destinations. Jennifer Lee will be my go to person before I travel to any where outside the US. I would highly recommend her to anyone who travels.

Randal Watanabe

Life Saver!

To put it simply, Jennifer was a life saver!!!

I decided to book a very last minute trip to Thailand with my boyfriend for about 5 weeks, and I leave in 4 days. I was pretty careless and didn’t look into the risks and vaccinations needed, and I freaked out when I read further into all that was needed before traveling to Thailand which has several different current outbreaks of various diseases. Jennifer was referred to me by my doctor in Florida and my mom and I immediately contacted her. She was able to fit me in with a last minute appointment and was in constant contact with myself and my mom leading up to my trip with so much helpful information, and getting a rush prescription in for preventative malaria medication and ordered all of the shots I needed. She asked about everywhere I was visiting and knew exactly what I needed for each location (remote jungles in the furthest northern corner, islands, rivers and for the big cities she even had tips i hadn’t yet considered for safety) On the morning of my appointment, she sat with us for an hour and went through every detail, safety, pharmacy item check list of what in needed like travel masks, over the counter medicines and things to create a DIY first aid kit, bug spray for clothes, bug spray with 100% deet which I wouldn’t have purchased otherwise- but with malaria, Zika virus and Japanese encephalitis outbreaks.. it’s no time to mess around with ‘organic’ solutions. She could see how nervous I was and took time to answer all of my questions, and even went as far as researching and sending me all travel clinics I’ll be near during my month away. My shots were painful and most importantly, I left with so much information and piece of mind on how to be safe during my trip (and gave my mom piece of mind too which my mom is eternally grateful for her help and kindness!… now my mom can relax a bit while I’m away) thank you so much and do not hesitate when considering this travel clinic!

Lauren Andersen

Overall Trip Preparation & More!

Greetings once again my friend! Thank you for the Hep A and Typhoid Vaccinations today!

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you for assisting me in getting prepared overall for my upcoming trip to Thailand, especially under such short notice. The additional information you provide is invaluable.

But more so, thank you for the intangible “gold nuggets” you gifted to me!! You are truly incredible! Your words of wisdom, experience, and insight into the careers healthcare did me some good. You helped answer quite a bit of uncertainty that I had been experiencing in my life. Thank you for allowing God to use your lips of clay to speak and utter the things of God. It’s so true! “Life and Death is in the power of the tongue”! And you gave me additional LIFE today! Hats off to you! Heaven spoke and to you I will be forever grateful.

I have included your information into my contacts, and would very much so like to keep-in-touch and update you on my progress towards medical school.

Again, thank you.


No Pain, No Worries!

Jennifer is very responsive to my needs and works efficiently and smoothly in consideration of my time.  I was worried about side effects and she went over the info to my satisfaction.  The best part was that I did not feel a thing.  NO PAIN.  She’s good.”