She Does the Work for YOU!

I am traveling to Burma and Taiwan and asked my doc about vaccinations for the trip. He suggested I call Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Lee who does business as Jennifer’s Travel Clinic. Easy to make an appointment. Easy to get to from town or Freeway. Parking is in the garage by Kuakini Emergency Room entrance, and clinic building opening is connected to parking. Jennifer was wonderful. She asked questions about where I was staying and what I was doing in order to better assess what vaccinations I may need. And, she gave me recommendations for medicine and other items to take and told me exactly which stores in Honolulu I could get the items. She gave me a folder to keep information in and a small vaccination booklet to take w my passport just in case..and for my own records. I was very impressed with her attention to detail and said I could call her at any time if I had any questions. I ended up getting a polio booster, a tetanus shot, and an Rx for oral typhoid vaccine. I like the idea of going to one person who is current on the CDC recommendations and can suggest which ones are advisable. It’s too hard to figure it out yourself and everyone is making suggestions, so I prefer going to one professional who makes it their business to know. Plus, she was extremely nice and her prices were reasonable!!

Adrienne King

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